HealthFit Aiken Difference makers

We proudly feature exercise equipment that incorporates Keiser Pneumatic Technology.

Offering the best of both worlds, this technology keeps you safer while getting a more effective workout. Keiser technology allows the muscles to remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion with reduced shockThe to muscles and joints, which allows for workout regimens that can safely improve physical performance in ways not seen with traditional strength-training methods.

Keiser’s equipment solutions and programs are developed with the full spectrum of users in mind, from the performance athlete to the older adult:

Zero-pound starting resistance on most machines

Consistent resistance at any speed, from slow to explosive

True functional training for strength at any speed

Small-increment, 1-pound resistance increases

Simple, push-button controls

Easy step-in (not up) design and easy setup for each

Silent operation means limited noise distractions

We feel that collaboration is key to designing the ideal program for your individual needs.

Reasons to choose healthfit aiken over other gyms

You are looking for someone who understands your unique exercise needs and abilities

You want to regain movement, mobility and balance 

You are looking for a place that accepts every “body”, every size, every ability

You are looking for variety

You are looking for nutritional guidance

You want quick, effective workouts in 30 minutes

You enjoy a positive and encouraging environment

You find the latest fitness trends confusing

You are tired of loud, noisy gyms

You want FUN, interactive workouts

Reasons why Traditional Gyms + Exercise Programs Fail

The HealthFit Difference

Exercising is too hard

Most people do not need to train like they are a professional athlete or getting ready to run a marathon. For health benefits, moderate exercise will achieve the desired results

I get pain when I work out

Exercises must have 2 key ingredients – 1. Be the right exercise and 2. Be done the right way. Without both, you can have pain. Qualified staff and the right equipment can minimize any pain experienced.

I have tried exercise programs in the past and stuck with them, but they did not work for me

See the answer above. Doing the wrong exercises or doing exercises the wrong way will bring failure. Not all Trainers are the same. Our qualified staff will put you on track to success

“I had a trainer before and still had pain.”  

“I had a trainer before and still didn’t meet my health goals.”

The “no pain, no gain” philosophy is horribly wrong. Pain is not normal and should not be accepted. With our committed team of certified trainers and support of the Physical Therapists, we can minimize the risk for pain, quickly solve any pain problems.and ensure you are doing the correct exercises the correct way.  We perform a very detailed assessment so that you get on the right program from the beginning to help ensure your success

It’s too noisy

Our Keiser equipment line of machines is virtually silent, as are our Keiser and Sciifit cardio units. No clanging of heavy weights here.

I don’t like working out in a crowd of people

HealthFit is deliberately a low volume facility where you can work out in relative peace and privacy. We will never oversell our memberships.

Working out with the “muscle-heads” is intimidating and not enjoyable

While we do not discriminate at HealthFit, you are not likely to find any of these types working out in our facility

The gym just doesn’t feel inviting or clean

People find our open floor plan, plentiful natural light and color scheme to be very appealing. We are committed to keeping our facility clean and our caring staff will always make you feel welcome

I have trouble sticking with an exercise program

We will work with you to help develop a program that you will enjoy and see results that will make you more likely to exercise.

Our lead trainer is not afraid to call you up and see why you aren’t keeping your schedule of workouts! She does that because she cares about your success.