In the June 1998 issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine published a comprehensive position outlining the benefits of exercise for older adults.

Common Issues That Can Be Addressed by Exercise

Below are types of problems people face that the Exercise is Medicine Initiative has developed exercise guidelines for.

We offer fitness-focused solutions to these issues here at HealthFit:

Anxiety and Depression
Blood Lipid Disorders
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)
Heart Failure
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Lower Back Pain
Prolonged Sitting
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Type 2 Diabetes
Weight Loss

Even without pre-existing chronic conditions to address, a properly constructed exercise routine can also proactively reduce a number of functional declines associated with aging, and maintain and improve various aspects of cardiovascular function.

HealthFit Aiken Pricing

We want to keep it simple and easy for our members.

There are no initiation fees, no bank drafts and we even offer refunds for early termination… plus no hassle vacation and medical hold availability.** We also offer flexible packaging of services to best meet your needs.

Day Pass – $10
Week Pass – $20
1 Month – $45
3 Months – $120
6 Months $220
12 Months – $400

Add an extra person in your household with rate discounted by $10 per month.

**Refund policy, vacation and medical membership hold policies will be clearly outlined in your membership paperwork.

There are a variety of training options that offers flexibility because we know one size does not fit all!  Our Personal Trainers will help you find the right fit for your needs.

Initial Health and Fitness Assessment and Planning (60 minutes): $65
(Required for all new training clients in order to transition you safely into use of our unique equipment and recommended for all new members for the best success with your fitness program)

One on One Training Sessions (30 minutes): starting at $45 per individual session and as low as $30 per session (based on the quantity of sessions you purchase)
Add a buddy for only $10 per session.

Post Rehab Program: $210 for 6 personal training sessions (plus membership fee)
Available within first 2 weeks after final PT visit.

Supervised Training Program: $355 for a 10 week program and includes membership  
Initial 40 minute session with trainer and weekly follow ups of 15’ for program review and modification Mid-program 40 minute session with trainer and post-program assessment.

3 months (2x/week): $720 for members, $780 without membership

6 months (2x/week): $1404 for members, $1514 without membership

Call or come by for details today.  We highly recommend that you meet or talk one on one with our trainers to find the best option to meet your needs!

ADditional benefits of exercise

Regular exercise also increases flexibility and range of motion, improves postural stability, provides effective weight control and reduces risks for falls. Evidence also suggests that regular exercise can provide psychological benefits related to preserved cognitive function, reduced symptoms of depression and improved concept of personal control and self-efficacy.