Using Exercise as medicine

There are numerous common medical issues we can help you address with this unique approach.

Let us help you achieve your health + Fitness Goals

Long-Term Success

There are many reasons why people fail at their exercise programs and discontinue them -Intimidation, interacting with unsympathetic and/or underqualified trainers and experiencing increased pain after exercising are among the long list.

We invite you to experience the difference at HealthFit Aiken where these barriers to success are removed as we:

Use the Exercise as Medicine philosophy which allows us to address your health concerns.

Employ certified trainers and experienced physical therapists, who take accredited continuing education courses to maintain expertise

Support YOUR goals by intently listening to your needs

Empower clients by teaching them proper exercise techniques

Reduce risk of injury/re-injury through the use of specialized equipment

Eliminate pain during and after workouts with tailored training programs

Know how to work with medical conditions, ensuring safer workouts

Achieve your health goals by allowing us to train you appropriately for your age and any health issues. We can help you exercise with confidence, knowing you have an educated, supportive staff that can assist you at any time.

Stop in for a tour or give us a call to take advantage of our expertise today with our daily, weekly and monthly passes.